The Ohio Music Teachers Association 2020 Scholarship Fund

OhioMTA supports student development with this program that enables  students to attend summer camps, workshops, conferences, take music  assessments, further their music studies or pay for additional summer  lessons. The money for these scholarships has been donated by the Royal  Conservatory Music Development Program, endorsed by the OhioMTA as its  state certificate program, and by private donations.

Student Recipients 2019

  • Paul Orth, $200, music festival and concert tour (student of Sarah Kim)
  • Montgomery Moore, $200, RCM exam (student of Margarita Denenburg)
  • Cailynn Zimmerman, $145, RCM exam (student of Joy Morin)
  • Grace Goodwin, $200, RCM exam (student of Amy Immerman)
  • Ethan Zheng, $200, BGSU Summer Piano Camp (student of Laura Melton)
  • Jason Xiao, $200, BGSU Summer Piano Camp (student of Daira Skriblis)
  • Laura Elizabeth Tyre, $200, RCM exam (student of Sonya Sazbo- Reynolds)
  • Mara Seppala, $200, concert tour to Australia (student of Eve Warmer)
  • Bryan Li, $200, BGSU Summer Piano Camp (student of Laura Melton)
  • Megan Rayburn, $200, summer violin lessons (student of Darlene Suggs)
  • Marina Ziegler, $200, Tanglewood Music Festival (student of Eugenia Poustyreva)

General Information
Scholarships are awarded annually

  • Must be an Ohio resident or study with a teacher in Ohio
  • Application Deadline is February 1, 2020 (Postmark date)
  • Awards up to $200.00 per student
  • Scholarship Winners will be notified by March 15, 2020
  • Click on OhioMTA Scholarship Application for complete detail