Governance of the Ohio Music Teachers Association

Constitution and Bylaws

 The Ohio Music Teachers Association is affiliated with Music Teachers  National Association, Inc. ("MTNA"), Cincinnati, Ohio, a Code Section  501(c)(3) organization. 

Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)

Annual Reports

 OhioMTA compiles an annual report of the activities and budget for each  fiscal year from July 1 through June 30. This report will now be  publicly available on our website beginning with the 2014-2015 Fiscal  Year. Please select the following years to view the Annual Report of the  Organization:





Executive Committee

This committee has eight members that serve for  two year terms beginning at the conclusion of the Fall Conference in  even number years. Meetings are convened by the State President and  occur three times a year, Fall Conference, Winter and Spring. Members of  this committee include the President, President-Elect, VP-Conferences,  VP-Membership, VP-Student Activities, VP-Affiliated Organizations,  Treasurer and Immediate Past-President.

OhioMTA Board and Governance Structure

The OhioMTA Board advises the  Executive Committee on operational issues that confront the  organization. The board consists of 31 members that include the  Executive Committee, eight District Chairs and fifteen other designated  chairs. The board members report to a representative on the Executive  Committee to facilitate the decision making process.  The Executive  Committee Member is listed in Bold Print followed by the board members  and the committees  they represent.

  • President: MTNA Foundation Chair, Monthly E-Notes, Ex-Officio on all Committees, Member of the Finance and Technology Committees
  • President-Elect: Constitution and Bylaws, Publicity, Finance Committee, Annual Mailing
  • VP-Conferences: MTNA Composer of the Year, Local Conference Chair
  • VP-Membership: Certification Chair, Collegiate Chapters, Independent Music Teachers, Collegiate Faculty, Wellness
  • VP-Student Activities:  Certificate Program, Buckeye Auditions, MTNA Competitions Site  Coordinator, MTNA Young Artist/Chamber Music Competitions, MTNA  Junior/Senior Competitions, MTNA Composition Competitions
  • VP-Affiliate Organizations: Eight District Chairs, Collaborative Music
  • Treasurer: Finance, Technology and OhioMTA Scholarship Committees, All financial responsibilities of the organization
  • Immediate Past President: Annual Report, Job Descriptions, Nominating Committee, Past President Advisory Committee, Technology Committee