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Music  teachers are the primary channels for changing how music is taught and  played. In the effort to reduce performance injuries and encourage good  auditory, physical and emotional health in their students, music  teachers need to become substantially involved in injury prevention by  teaching health-conscious music-related practices to students.

The purposes of this forum are:

  • To provide a medium for open discussion and expression of ideas
  • To provide a vehicle for maintaining an ongoing focus on this vital subject
  • To recommend initiatives, projects and services to the OhioMTA Board of Directors for their consideration.

From the Wellnes Chair

 Welcome  to the OhioMTA Wellness Page. This page is a resource for you and your  students in all things related to musician wellness. Please check this  page for upcoming wellness-related events, links to resource lists,  books, articles and websites. Before we can educate our students, we  need to educate ourselves with the best information available to us for  optimal mind-body health. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with  questions or concerns by clicking the button below.



Musician Wellness - Empowering Musicians: Leading A Healthy And Fulfilling Life

Gail Berenson, chair

MTNA  has been a powerful advocate for musicians’ health for more than 30  years and will continue this effort with its sixth consecutive Pedagogy  Saturday Wellness track, bringing together musicians and medical  professionals passionately seeking to empower musicians to achieve their  potential. This year we will spend the morning focusing on the  essential topics of hearing preservation, vocal health and anxiety  management tactics. In the afternoon we will tackle the vital subject of  practicing—distinguishing between efficient strategies and those which  are detrimental, employing ideas from sports medicine and cognitive  science, and understanding how the brain impacts our practicing habits.  Three pianists return to expand upon and share their insights gained  from dealing with focal dystonia that have positively impacted their  lives and their students. Take advantage of the presence of all these  experts and the indispensable information they will offer that crosses  all disciplines and skill levels. Don’t miss out on this life-enhancing  day!

Visit the MTNA website to learn more.

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